NYC Lower Blepharoplasty

The New York City guide to lower blepharoplasty surgery

What is lower blepharoplasty?

Lower blepharoplasty is a popular option for individuals with excess eyelid skin, large lower eyelid bags, and/or droopy lower eyelids. Lower blepharoplasty allows a plastic surgery to refresh the lower eyelids through volume reduction, skin removal, and sometimes, supporting or reshaping the aging eyelid.

Does the entire lower eyelid change with age?

Yes and no. In general, the lower eyelid appears to change with age. Sometimes the three fat pads of the lower eye become more prominent leading to a tired look. As we age, the fat of the midface droops and also loses volume. The combination of these two processes leads to the common appearance of aged and tired eyes.

Does the lower eyelid loosen with age?

Sometimes. In some individuals, the lower eyelid loosens and the entire lower lid appears lower. There are ways to tighten the lower lid including canthopexy and canthoplasty. These procedures can sometimes lead to an altered shape of the eye.

Where are the scars for lower blepharoplasty?

The scars for lower blepharoplasty vary depending on the approach. Sometimes, there is no scar or at least no visible scar. If only the fat pads need to be addressed, the incision can be made within the lower eyelid so that there is no external scar. If skin needs to be removed then a well-hidden incision can be made just under the lower lashes.

Is fat always removed with lower blepharoplasty?

No, not always. Conservative removal of fat can give a very nice result. That being said, the fat can sometimes be transferred to above the tear trough to augment the midface and make the tear trough less visible. This can be a very powerful procedure in the correct patient.

What are the benefits of lower blepharoplasty?

Lower blepharoplasty can give the eyes a more refreshed and youthful look. Many times, patients complain that they look tired even after a great night of sleep. Lower blepharoplasty may help with this complaint.

Can I have a lower blepharoplasty in my 20s?

Yes. Lower blepharoplasty is typically performed on patients in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. That being said, some younger individuals who have large lower eyelid bags decide to have a lower blepharoplasty in their 20s or earlier. It is unlikely in younger individuals that skin needs to be removed. Instead, the fat can be removed from a small hidden incision within the eyelid.

How long does a lower blepharoplasty last?

While every patient is different, a lower blepharoplasty is typically only performed once. The orbital fat that is removed is gone. Sometimes, a small amount of skin can be removed down the line.

Can I have a lower blepharoplasty and an upper blepharoplasty in the same surgery?

Yes. Lower blepharoplasty and upper blepharoplasty are often performed together. These operations are also often performed with brow lifts, facelifts, and other aesthetic plastic surgeries as long as the procedures can be performed in an expeditious manner.

Can I have a lower blepharoplasty and a facelift at the same surgery?

Yes. Lower blepharoplasty and upper eyelid blepharoplasty are commonly performed together during facial rejuvenation including facelifts. These procedures can be done together as long as all three procedures can be performed in an expeditious manner.

Can I have a lower blepharoplasty under local anesthesia?

Maybe. This is surgeon-dependent. In my experience, even if the pain is controlled, patients do not like to be able to see instruments in front of their eyes. If the blepharoplasty is being performed through a transcutaneous approach (through the skin instead of through the inner eyelid), then doing a lower blepharoplasty under local anesthesia would be more tolerable. There are pros and cons to both approaches and the approach should not be determined based on anesthesia and cost.

Am I a candidate for lower blepharoplasty?

If you are bothered by excess volume in your lower eyelid (bags) or excess lower eyelid skin, you may be a candidate for lower blepharoplasty. Individuals who are interested in lower blepharoplasty should be in good health and be fit for elective surgery. Patients with a history of eye problems or dry eyes require special consideration prior to lower blepharoplasty. Patients should avoid smoking and nicotine-containing products that can affect blood flow and, ultimately, healing.

How much does lower blepharoplasty in NYC cost?

There are 3 main costs of lower blepharoplasty surgery: the facility fee, the anesthesia fee, and the surgeon’s fee. For the patient, the average total cost in NYC for upper blepharoplasty will likely be $6,000-$10,000+ depending on the surgeon you choose. If you choose to have lower blepharoplasty under local anesthesia, the cost will be significantly less. Again, this is not always an option depending on the approach.

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